Don't restrict your child's play and learning options to just toys and books! Let them recognise colours by using items that can be found at home. 

Watch this video for ideas on how to make learning different colours fun and affordable for your children!



Who knew you could turn a walk outside into a learning experience for your child!


Use their surroundings as an opportunity for them to recognise shapes. Watch the video to see how you can start turning walks with your child into a fun activity!



"Can you tell me how many toys do you have?"


Guide your child to learn numbers and how to count by using simple and affordable tools like ice cream sticks and wooden pegs!


Watch the video to see how you can turn these them into learning tools for your children to pick up numeracy skills.



Want to let your child practice his hand eye coordination at the comfort of your own home?

Watch this video as we share with you how you can do so using strings and paper plates.

Plus, you can also use this opportunity for your child to learn how to tie his shoelaces!

@2018 PlayFest by Yayasan Mendaki