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Living Room Station

April 14, 2018

Get tips on how to turn your living room space into a mini obstacle course!

1. Highlight to your child the goal to go from the starting point of the course to the end.  

  • Plan with your child  the steps to reach the end point (eg. How do we navigate through the maze? Do we need to crawl or climb?) Encourage and give your child space to share their thoughts and ideas in a clear manner.

  • Take this experience to continue to help your child in identifying goals in life such as learning all the alphabets.

  • Guide them by mapping out plans (eg. Recognise two alphabets a day or sing  the Alphabet Song). Allow them to voice their opinions if they have other suggestions to help them learn.

Activities suitable for children aged 1 and above. Parental guidance required for this station.  

Dining Room Station

April 14, 2018

The dining room is no longer just a place to have your meal. Turn items and corners in your dining room into learning tools/areas for your children!


1. Highlight the objective of the game - Pick out the alphabets as shown on the cue cards/vocabulary listing and arrange them accordingly into words.

  • Map out the steps with your child on how to achieve the objective (eg. Find the alphabets in the box that are similar to those shown on the cards).

  • Take the opportunity to teach your child to not be distracted from reaching their objective (eg. Playing with the beans or picking out the wrong letters) and bring this reference in future.

2. Highlight the objective of the game – Label and match different items in the kitchen

  • Continue this activity when at home, not just your kitchen, to help your child remember the name of items but also build his or her vocabulary skills

Activities suitable for children aged 1 and above.


Kitchen Station

April 14, 2018

Make meals that form a balanced diet! Your child will also have the chance to manage their own ‘restaurant’ through pretend play.

1. Emphasize the importance of a balanced diet at home by including fruits or vegetables in their meals. Explain that a balanced diet is essential in maintaining a healthy body to be able to learn and play.

2. Be able to highlight specific behaviours or expectations that come with the role that they are playing

(eg. Being polite and honest with customers when managing their ‘restaurant’). This can also be helpful in understanding the concept of empathy in future.



Activities suitable for children aged 1 and above.

Nursery Room

April 14, 2018

Fill the nursery room with fun learning tools to expose your child to developmental & learning  experiences to discover their interests in books and musical instruments.

1. Make your own finger puppets to aid your child in understanding stories and interest them in reading.

2. Remind yourself to read with your child daily so as to cultivate this habit (eg. Set aside time in your day to read with them such as before sleep).

3. Discuss with your child to learn more about their interests and how you can support them in their learning journey through play. See if any of the musical instruments have piqued their interest!

Activities suitable for children aged 0 and above.


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