Play @ Home 

Designing a learning space



In order for your child to appreciate learning, there has to be sufficient space catered specially for their learning needs. We recommend finding a spot in the house that has: 

1. Excellent lighting - ensure that study areas are not dimly lit 

2. No clutter - invest/ create your own storage boxes so your child knows where to keep his/her belongings neatly. This encourages children to take ownership of their own items too. 

Playroom ideas

You can have a playroom for your child within tight spaces too! Colours and  textures play an integral role in this. We recommend adding in the following items: 

1. Colourful soft, foam tiles - it's safe for babies too!

2. Showcasing your child's artwork - incorporate the activities listed here!  

3. Utilizing every corner of the room as storage means - recycling old shoe boxes and hangers as storage spaces. 

@2018 PlayFest by Yayasan Mendaki