Nature & Outdoor Play Area

Nature Station

April 14, 2018

Singapore is a green city and many neighbourhoods have a variety of common ammenities such as parks and gardens. 


In addition to being a great place to socialise and meet your neighbours, there are many learning opportunities in these green spaces.  

Come and see how we can learn more about nature in our neighbourhood common spaces.  Parents can work with their children on sensory, science and even numeracy activities using plants and nature. Children will also get the opportunity to create/landscape their own mini-garden with their own mini-figurines, plants, pebbles and challenge for the best mini-garden contest! 

Activities suitable for children age 1 and above. Parental guidance required for this station.  

Outdoor Station

April 14, 2018

Children are by nature very active, require lots of space to roam, play with others and develop physically.

With slides, trampolines, a mini soccer field and basketball hoops in our outdoor station, there are ample opportunities for your children play with their peers and develop cognitively, physically and socially.


Activities suitable for children age 3 and above.


Sand Sculpting Station

April 14, 2018

Children love building things.  Sand play provides a great opportunity for children to have unstructured play time.  In addition to exercising fine motor skills to shape sand into castles, parents can help children develop literacy and numeracy skills by shaping different letters and numbers using sand! 


Sand play also provides an unique sensory experience for children and opportunities to work collectively with their peers to build an object together.


Come down to the sand sculpting station and learn how your children can benefit from sand play! 


Activities suitable for children age 1 and above.

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