Parents Workshop


Terrace Activities

Terrace Activity Zone

Drop your children at the fun filled Terrace Activity Zone where they can enjoy/learn different experiences at our 5 different stations whilst parents can have a piece of mind attending the Parents Workshops!

Guided by our facilitators in the enclosed activity zone, rest assured your children will be engaged in meaningful play in a safe environment.


Sign-up for the parents workshop by completing the above form now and join us at the Terrace Activity Zone on 15 April!  

Building Blocks

Children get to develop their spatial skills and fine motor skills through building different structures with Artec Blocks


Children get to develop their cognitive and problem solving skills through playing with a variety of puzzles 

Musical Fruits

Children get to develop their musical talents through making music with fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas 

AR Quizzes

Children get to develop their numeracy skills through solving augmented reality Math questions and treasure hunting for the answer 

Bouncy Castle

Children get to exercise their motor skills while having immense fun at the  bouncy castle station

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Parents Workshop & Terrace Activities

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