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3D-Doodle Station

April 14, 2018

3D doodling is a fun art activity for kids that allows them to see how their 2D designs can be translated into 3D designs. Children together with the guidance of their parents can get started easily and have complete freedom to create any 3D objects.


Learn how parents can use the 3D doodler to work together with their children to create a variety of simple designs using templates provided. Our facilitators will also be on hand to coach families on the basics of 3D doodling.


1.     Plan out steps to achieve a 3D doodle.

2.     Discuss with your child on what they would like to draw and compliment them when they have done well such as “Well done! That looks exactly like the template!” or “Great effort!”


Create your own unique 3D model using the 3D doodler, participate in our family 3D doodling competition and win prizes!

Station suitable for children aged 4 years and above with parental guidance. 

3D Augmented Reality Colouring

April 14, 2018

If your children like to draw and colour, they would love 3D augmented reality colouring! Colouring pages have never been so much fun as we combine physical colouring with state of the art augmented reality technology to bring you and your children an extraordinary experience.


Every colouring page can be brought to life in its uniquely coloured way, giving your children an immediate and special sense of ownership and pride!


1. This activity allows your child to develop pride over his work through 3D.


2. Use this moment to teach your child about being responsible and putting his best in what he is tasked to do outside of this activity.

Come join us, try out the activities and participate in our colouring competition to win prizes.


Station is suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

Osmo Masterpiece Digital Drawing Station

April 14, 2018

Come and learn how you can turn your iPad or iPhone into an amazing, interactive drawing tool. With Masterpiece, no matter what you draw, you’ll always get the proportions and perspective exactly right. 

Pick something to draw: a picture of your family, a favourite cartoon, or even a photo you snap yourself. Whatever image you pick, Masterpiece can transform it into an easy-to-follow outline. Then, using the screen as an interactive guide, you can draw it on paper perfectly!


1.     Explain to your child on what needs to be done and plan out how to go about doing it (eg. Choosing a picture for Masterpiece to transform and draw based on the outline)

2.     Remember to compliment them whenever possible such as after they have drawn a good picture.

Join us for some Masterpiece drawing fun and participate in our Masterpiece family portrait drawing competition to win prizes!

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