Home of The Rahmans

Visit The Rahmans' flat at D'Marquee to find out how you can engage and help your children learn more effectively everyday in your own home! 

From working on your children's motor skills through a mini-obstacle course in a living room to honing their numeracy, sensory as well as social-emotional skills through Play-Doh activities in the kitchen, we have activities suitable for children of all ages in this zone.

Home of The Ibrahims

Visit The Hassans' flat at D'Marquee to find out how you can communicate and bond with your children more effectively.


With a wide range of activities you can participate in together with your children suitable for ages 3 onwards, including competing against other families in Giant Jigsaw Puzzle/Giant Jenga/Giant Twister competition in the living room to role-playing and taking family photos at instaphoto and augmented reality photo booths activities in Siti's dining room, there are many opportunities to learn how we can manage our children's social emotional development and capture important memories during their important growing years!

Nature & Outdoor Zone

Allow your child to be exposed to the beauty of the outdoors as they learn about plants and experience the textures.

Kids Play Gym

Learn ways to utilise the outdoor environment like your neighbourhood programme into a space to expand your child's creativity  and stay active.

Digital Art Zone

Learn how to make your drawing come alive in 3D using augmented reality and technology!

Experience with your family how to create 3D objects using 3d-doodler, learn how to draw your own family using Master Piece from Osmo or simply doodle any cartoons on our water based ink mat! Compete with other families and who can draw and colour their families best!

Suitable for all ages, come down and allow your children to develop/express their creativity!

Junior Maker Zone

Make your own cardboard toys including a cardboard helmet using Makedo! Compete with other families and who can create the most outlandish cardboard helmet and win attractive prizes! 

For children aged 3 and below, they can explore our junior maker corner and develop their motor skills using nuts/bolts and use giant connector blocks to build different animals!

Last but not least, learn how easy it is to code using micro:bit and decorate our Experience Wall with your own cardboard creations, instaphoto and micro:bit messages/images!

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